Furnace Installation Waxahachie TX

Gone are the days when a fireplace was the only way to warm a house during winter. Today, most homes have adopted a central heating system. You only have to switch on the thermostat and enjoy a cozy season. The heating system comprises the furnace, which is the main heating equipment.

Furnace installation is a major financial investment to your building. Therefore, you have to ensure you involve experts who will do the work correctly. We offer our services to businesses and homeowners looking for furnace installation in Waxahachie, TX. Our team consists of experienced and skilled professionals who ensure the protection of your investment.

Before the Furnace Installation

When you meet our sales representative before furnace installation, we have several assessments and discussions. The purpose is to ensure full customer satisfaction before kick-starting the project.

We carry out load calculation of the building while considering factors such as insulation size, number, and quality of the windows. Besides, we consider other factors that have an impact on the efficiency of your furnace. 

We understand that furnaces are of different sizes. Therefore, we take measurements of the physical area where you want your furnace. Failure to carry out a proper check of those factors may lead to problems during or after installation. That is why it is crucial to start on the right foot to avoid the problems.

During Installation

As the installation process begins, the lead installer must discuss the details of the equipment with the client. It ensures that you get the correct furnace and the right accessories where applicable. Besides, you can seek to know and see details such as the model number of the equipment. Additionally, the working area requires restrictions for safety. Our experts are aware and adhere to all safety protocols while carrying out furnace installation in Waxahachie, TX.

Removing the Old System

If you are replacing your previous furnace, the installer has to remove it. The electrical power has to be turned off before starting the process. Items attached to the main furnace unit are the first items to go, including electrical wirings.

The installer moves on to prepare the area for a new furnace unit. The preparations include cleaning to remove dirt and dust under the unit. It is significant and does a lot for the health of your new system. Finally, the next activity is to make necessary alterations to fit the new furnace’s size and orientation.

Making the Connections

After installation of the new equipment, our technicians connect all the required connections. It includes the ventilation system. The equipment must hook up correctly with the HVAC ductwork. Adjustment of air ducts is common in this process and requires careful handling. After that, our installers move on to connect the furnace to power. The last process involving connections is electrical wiring.

Testing the Furnace

After carrying out the installation and making all the connections, testing is the next activity to ensure it works properly. Our experts measure the airflow and intake to ensure efficient performance and safety of your furnace.

Maintenance of the Heating System

A furnace can breakdown, but there are warning signs that you can note when it is about to happen.  First, you may realize an increase in your energy bill. It could mean that the equipment is not operating efficiently and thus increasing energy utilization. Besides, the furnace might not be heating adequately.

When you realize that some of the rooms are warm while others are freezing, it should be an alarm. The system could have some issues. 

Similar to other electrical systems, a furnace requires maintenance. As a heating system, you must be keen on matters of safety; thus, maintenance is crucial. Besides, it protects the warranty for your equipment. Failure to maintain your furnace could void the warranty, and one might end up paying for expenses that it would cover. You can save on the cost of repairs and extend your system’s life by scheduling regular maintenance services for your system.

Install Your Furnace Today

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