Airflow issues are prevalent in inefficient air conditioners and furnaces. This HVAC problem results in fluctuating home temperature and the addition of extra numbers in energy bills.

This article chalks out how you can fix the airflow in your HVAC unit. However, if the issue is beyond DIY, experienced technicians can help detect the malfunction and provide quick fixes.

Pay Heed to Any Obstruction in Vents

One primary reason for HVAC airflow issues is blocked vents and registers. Clogged vents can reduce the air conditioner’s cooling in a room. It results in reduced and inefficient airflow, which is why you should keep cleaning them regularly.

Sometimes the air doesn’t flow out of the vents despite a correctly functioning fan. It can be due to the incorrect size of the air conditioner or vents located far away from the unit.

An oversized conditioner will switch on and off frequently, and an undersized one will struggle to pass the air. The right size of the air conditioner is crucial to avoid any airflow issues.

See If the Filters Are Congested

Filters are responsible for keeping the ducts in air conditioners free from any dust and debris. Keep the filters clean for uninterrupted and smooth airflow in your HVAC system.

Clogged and dirty filters result in improper cooling and weak airflow. Check your filters thoroughly and get it changed if necessary.

Look for Leakage in Ducts

If you are experiencing temperature variation throughout your house, it might be due to clogged ducts. When foreign particles get past the filter, they get collected on ducts.

Not only dust and dirt but insects and rodents can also affect the HVAC ducts. You can easily inspect the following aspects yourself:

  • If there are any indoor pollutants: renovation projects in the house can clog the ducts.
  • If the duct consists of airborne contaminants: fumes, dust, and mists are harmful to humans.
  • Find cracks and leaks on ducts: these cracks give debris and other particles a clear path to enter your home.
  • If there are insects or rodents: they build nests and destroy the ducts.
  • If there are leaking gaps: the ducts expand and form holes, leading to air leakage.

If you think the situation is terrible, take the help of a qualified technician. They can repair the HVAC system without compromising its efficiency.

Be Mindful of the Thermostat Location

Faulty thermostats can result in airflow problems in HVAC systems. Do not place electronic equipment near thermostats as it can pick up heat from the appliances.

Schedule an HVAC appointment by searching for HVAC repair in Waxahachie TX if you think the thermostat is causing airflow problems.

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