Are you looking for a quick cooling solution for your house? or are you tired of your old, huge and repairable air conditioner? 

Chill! Hood company, specialized in air conditioning and heating, comes here with a solution of portable air conditioners. Portable ac requires small space, no eternal unit, and no complexity. It is so convenient, and you can cool any room in your house just by shifting the ac, setting up the exhaust, and plug in the unit. Portable ac is more energy-efficient than wall ac, window ac, or central ac unit.

Let’s understand how to maintain the portable ac in good condition and repair services provided by the air conditioner repair Waxahachie TX.

Installation of the air conditioner.

Be careful about the location of the portable air conditioner. Avoid placing the air conditioner in an area that receives a high amount of sun during the afternoon. It’s an important rule never to place the ac in sunny spots. When the ac is placed in more sunlight, it consumes more energy to cool the surrounding environment. This increases the load on the air conditioner, and it gets more worked up. This also leads to a decrease in the lifespan of ac, and more chances of repair arise. The air conditioner might malfunction if placed in a high humidity area. Always place the ac unit in little sunlight and low moisture level.

Leaving the gap between wall and ac.

It’s convenient to move your portable ac anywhere, but never forget to leave some space between the wall and the air conditioner. The air conditioning unit needs to breathe much air for proper functioning. To ensure the flow of air and proper ventilation through the ac, avoid placing the ac between the walls. Always refer to the user manual that comes along with the ac unit for leaving the space and deciding the air conditioner’s location.

Take care of the air filters!

The condition of your air filters is going to decide the health of your ac system. If your ac system has washable filters, you can use some detergent amount and clean the air filters with a mild brush. Clean all the debris and dirt, let them dry after that, reinstall air filters into the ac system. If your ac system does not have washable filters, you might need to replace them during the ac unit maintenance. If the air filters are in too bad shape and no cleaning option is available, change the air filters. Don’t wait for your ac to break down.

Cleaning is essential!

If you want to avoid your ac unit’s maintenance and if you desire proper functioning of the ac system, cleaning comes first. Cleaning the ac is a simple task; you need to wipe down the ac unit’s exterior with a damp piece of cloth. Avoid using excessively hot water or harsh cleaning chemicals on the outer body of ac unit as it leads to damage. Also, unplug the ac system and clean the condenser coils. You might use water and lemon juice solution to clean the condenser coil.

For Professional cleaning of your ac unit, any maintenance work, or ac repairs and installation of air conditioners, feel free to contact Hood Company Service

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