Has your room temperature suddenly dropped? Do you think your furnace has stopped working?

Before calling for an emergency repair service, it’s wise to check your furnace. Follow these steps to identify the cause, which you can explain to the service technician. In case it is something small, you can even resolve it on your own.

Check the Settings of the Thermostat

A simple change in the settings can result in temperature variations. Keep a few points in mind while assessing the thermostat:

  1. Check batteries and change them if required.
  2. Check if the thermostat is on heat mode.
  3. Check the settings of the fan and if it’s ON, set it to AUTO.
  4. Also, check whether the date and time are correct if your device operates on a timer.

These are simple issues one can rectify without any professional help. However, if the thermostat doesn’t respond, look for furnace repair in Waxahachie TX.

Look Over the Gas Supply

Many times, the gas supply is cut off after a repair or due to gas pipe maintenance. You can confirm with your gas company to know what exactly happened.

Do not forget to take a look at the gas meter and check the gas valve. If you suspect any leakage or smell gas, immediately call a professional for help.

Make Sure the Electrical Power Is On

Short circuits and blown fuses can stop your furnace from working efficiently. In such a case, you can follow the given steps:

  • Reset: turn the circuit on and off again to see if it works
  • Replace: change the fuse and see if the heat restores

However, if the circuit breaks again, immediately call for a repair technician.

See If the Filter Is Clogged

The heater filters can get blocked by the dust and particles trapped on it. In this case, the system struggles to move air through the furnace.

Clogged filters can result in overheating, forcing the system to shut down. To check your filters, remove them and place in direct sunlight. Can you see the light passing through it? If not, replace it immediately.

Check If Something Outside the Furnace is Causing Restricted Airflow

Boxes, tables, and curtains placed in the wrong places can block the indoor registers and vents. Look into the exhaust vents to see if leaves, debris, or snow are covering it. Restricted airflow can lead to system damage and excessive heating.

Always Check if the Furnace Door Is Closed

The safety switch prevents the fan and the burner from running unless the furnace door is closed. Make sure that the door is entirely closed, then try running the device again. If the furnace still doesn’t work, call for an emergency repair.

Informing technicians about the precise issue can help them carry precisely the required tools and material for the repair.

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